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"Jubilee is over-the-top even for Las Vegas, the entertainment capital it's called home for 30-odd years. It's full of feathers and sequins, elaborate sets and dance numbers, showboys and topless girls — a professional dancer's dream, according to Eric Bean, Jr.

The Bermudian dancer and choreographer is now with the iconic show, which was created by Donn Arden in 1981 and modernised by Frank Gatson, Jr.

"It's kind of awesome to be a part of it because the show is a Las Vegas staple," said Mr Bean, 29. "Everybody knows what Jubilee is. It's a very large goal of dancers everywhere to be part of it."

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“Simply put, Eric Bean Jr. is a genius. After the triumph that was 2011’s ‘Return to Paradise,’ room for improvement was somewhat scarce; I mean, I did call ‘Return to Paradise’ the best thing I had ever seen on the Earl Cameron Theatre stage back then…

…Well, Jaricco Dance Company’s second offering, ‘Through the Looking Glass,’ which just completed a three-night run at that very theatre, has muscled its way onto the pantheon of great works of art that have been displayed there. This, of course, puts Mr Bean, who created, choreographed, and casted the show, at two-for-two, and leaves no doubt that this young son of the soil is nothing short of a legend in the making…” – The Royal Gazette

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“This weekend Eric Bean Jr. demonstrated that excellence is no fluke. On Friday night the beauty, strength and precision displayed throughout Jarrico.Dance’s production earned a standing ovation from an appreciative crowd gathered in the Earl Cameron Theatre…The final full company piece was spectacular. During ‘Fields of Mars’ each dancer raised their intensity to a crescendo that made you lean forward in your seat — by the end you knew they had “left it all on the stage” including puddles of sweat.” – The Bermuda Sun



“…I once wrote about another production by a young Bermudian that it was the best thing I had ever seen on the City Hall stage; this production, Troika’s fourth “work in progress”[Once On This Island] is, by some way, the best thing I’ve seen on the Ruth Seaton James stage.

The show was produced by Eric Bean Jr, which can explain, in part, why ‘Once on this Island’ was so good as he choreographed this amazing show…” – The Royal Gazette

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“…Eric Bean Jr’s ‘Return to Paradise’ was a mesmerizing merger of movement, poetry, and power that left the capacity audience absolutely breathless. At one point during this production, the sheer scale of artistic elegance being presented before me compelled me to put my notepad away and focus all my attentions on the dance. By the first intermission I was thoroughly spellbound and speechless…” – The Royal Gazette

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“The play button is pushed, and the powerful beat of John Powell’s “The Bourne Supremacy” score bounces off the walls of the Missouri Contemporary Ballet’s new downtown rehearsal space. Heavy string rhythms slam against drum percussions to light the fuse for the six MCB dancers who fly off their marks while guest choreographer Eric Bean Jr., of the Koresh Dance Company of Philadelphia, snaps off vocal directions. Arms sway and muscles tense…” -

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“Bitter Sweet Memories,” by Eric Bean, Jr., is a relationship ballet for three couples set to rhythm-and-blues diva ballads by Jill Scott, Mariah Carey and Vivian Green, all filled with complicated relationship angst. Dancing his own steps, Bean went into mach speed jumps and turns with breakneck abandon and thrilling technique.” –

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“In The Bums," Eric Bean and Micah Geyer created drolly drunk shtick. Instead of pratfalling, they land in perfect splits and backflips. Bean, in "The Bench" takes a pretty funny beating as Alexis Viator seduces him while they wait for a bus.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer


“…was followed by Eric Bean Jr.'s strikingly different excerpt from Lost performed by the choreographer himself. The vibrant fuchsia costume set against a cool blue scrim reinforced the contrast displayed in the energetic, almost frantic, choreography set to the calm guitar music of My New Zoo.” –

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“Then of course there was Mr. Eric Bean, Jr.; Winner of my BEST MALE DANCER AWARD. Eric's performance was beyond words, as his complete abandonment proved not only technically profound, but emotionally titillating! There was not an ounce of self-consciousness. This is a perfect example of an Artist at the service to his Craft. It wasn't really about him or 'his' personality or even his performance ... it was more about his message. As such, he connected brilliantly to the audience, and left us tied to his journey through the entire work…” – Madame B. NYC

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Dear Mr. Eric,

I would like to thank you for coming out this summer to work with our group (IADAPA) and teach us the two wonderful pieces we learned. It means so much to me that you did that for us and I can truly say that I learned and grew so much from your short time with us. What you showed me is that it is very important to be a versatile dancer. The two dances you taught us are complete opposites and having the opportunity to be in both of them is what is going to help me become a more versatile dancer. You inspire me to achieve my dream of owning a studio one day and maybe even a company! The work that you have done is remarkable and I look up to you so much for that. You are also a beautiful dancer and I am so honored that I had the chance to meet and work with you. I dream that one day I can be as accomplished as you are and be as talented as you are.

Another thing I learned from you this summer is just how important good technique is and I will be working on that as well. I hope that I am able to work with you again someday, and know that any improvement I have made from this point on is partially due to you. Thank you!

Sincerely Syann Cromwell

Dear Mr. Eric Bean Jr,

My name is Deidra Dilworth and I was a student at the international Academy of Dance And Performing Arts Summer Camp 2014. I am writing this letter because I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to take your class, and the opportunity to be able to learn your choreography. It was an honor to even be in the same room with a professional dancer of your caliber with your skill and experience. I learned a great deal from taking your class and executing your intense warm-up. Your choreography took my breath away both aesthetically and physically. It was the first time I had ever seen anything so technical and chic. Every move and element of the choreography seemed as if it was made for each other and it flowed with such fluidity.

In your class, I learned the importance of detail and every move should be a picture. It really spoke to me when you talked about your dance "The Challenge". You told us to ask ourselves how a real person would do it, and you ask us not to dance it as dancers, but as real people. I will treasure that advice and interpret it in a way that I can apply to all of my dancing. I'm thankful for all the advice I was given about all the dances and adding the certain emotion. By going home and just writing down a really difficult time in my life, and a really happy time in my life, I think I was finally able to feel a connection and I feel as if the entire performance was moved upscale and transformed. Because I am still new to the world of dance, I never thought I would be able to dance next to artists such as yourself and even be chosen to dance in a Mr. Eric Bean Jr piece. Even though I'm lacking in many ways as a dancer, I will dance my hardest so you can gladly put your name on that piece.

Once again thank you for giving me your precious time and sharing your knowledge with us. I will forever be thankful for everything I've learned and this experience.

Sincerely IADAPA student,

Deidra Dilworth

Dear Eric,

Having you as a guest artist was one of the best experiences in the dance world I've had! I loved working with you and your amazing personality. I must say I had some blisters and very sore muscles after class but there is no gain without pain. Your choreography was so diverse, going from a beautiful, technical routine to a wacky and fun routine. I must say I do look forward to working with you in the future and strongly hope I have a chance to. It was an honor to dance among such a technical and beautiful dancer as you and I'm sure that if I ever have you as a guest artist again, I could learn plenty and expand my experience as a dancer just like I did in the three days you were with us.

Thank you for molding me and encouraging me to fight through the pain with a smile and pushing me to get lower in my plié or higher in my releve. The first dance, the one I remember as one of the most beautiful technical dances I've learned, was such a challenge and oh what a wonderful challenge it was! It had soft and sharp movements which transition smoothly and quickly, incorporating beautiful arabesques and jumps. The second dance, which reminded me of the circus, was definitely fun loving and full of personality which was amazing for me because what's a beautiful dance with a plane face or boring personality? Nothing! The second dance was also very enjoyable for me because it wasn't just about who had the highest leg, it was about having fun, and it's important to incorporate some fun after long conditioning and warm-ups!

Seeing you dance and having you as a guest artist has inspired me to do more than just dance. You've inspired me to dance with feeling, character, and such beauty that will leave a crowd speechless. Also, you've inspired me to want to become a choreographer, so one day I can almost be amazing as you, almost!

Again thank you for everything you did for my peers and I. With pointed feet and deep plies, I hope this letter reaches you in the best of health.


Cassedy Walker

Dear Mr. Eric,

The classes I had with you were the best I've had throughout this whole camp from guest artists! Special guest artists had been coming all the time, but theirs couldn't compare to how much fun I had in yours. In the several weeks I've been to this camp, plus the knowledge I have from other experiences of dancing, I've never seen dance like yours. My favorite dance is the cartoon based pieced, because it's filled with excitement. Even though I didn't get picked to be in the piece, I learned a lot from it and plan to be the best understudy anyone has ever had. Everything about your dancing is unique including your warm-up. I'm just thankful I got to live another day to experience your way of dancing. Thank you for all the hard work you put into teaching us things.

I understand that for Ms. Deva and Mrs. Lindsey... That was why they brought you to the IADAPA camp. I also understand that you are a professional dancer and you've traveled in many different places with many different people, so I thank you once again for coming to the camp and giving the classes we will never forget.


Renée Sandy


Thank you so much for coming. We have so many female teachers that come in and I was, as a male, happy to have you and your style. What I have found is that teachers that come in to teach can be one sided. What I mean is either they simplify everything for the least advanced dancers or they only pay attention to the most advanced dancers in the class, which is most of the time. You made everyone feel challenged and inspired at the same time.

Before you came in, Ms. Deva told us how much we would love your choreography. She spends a lot of time on the technical elements and always tells us that she has to- so that we can be able to handle anything when we go other places. She stated that your movement really represents "dance" and not just technique. She made sure that we knew that technique was absolutely important but that many technicians do not "DANCE". I didn't understand what she meant until you came in. Your class was one that everyone could enjoy from the beginner to the advanced which is important in our class since it was mixed. But you really confirmed everything that Mrs. Lindsey and Ms. Deva had been telling us all summer. I am not the most technical dancer and you told us to dance it as people… to just DANCE like I feel it. I did and I was overwhelmed that I was selected for one of your dances.

We are really lucky to have Mrs. Lindsey and Ms. Deva because they can literally teach anyone. They only want the best for us. I feel this is important to say. Like them, I dont feel that you tried to "prove" anything. You didnt have an expectation that everyone would love "YOU". Your class was authentic and valued the movement... not your ego. You wanted us to love dance and to tell our story through movement.

That may seem small but it is huge. That authentic style of teaching made us love you and your class! I was dancing before just as something to do but I want you to know that I made the dance team, both hip-hop and contemporary/lyrical, at my school and I didnt have to audition. The teacher came to the show. It was my first time meeting her and she invited me to join the dance team without auditioning! Thank you so much for inspiring me to take it seriously and to know that dance is for everyone!



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"Then of course there was Mr. Eric Bean, Jr.; Winner of my BEST MALE DANCER AWARD. Eric's performance was beyond words, as his complete abandonment proved not only technically profound, but emotionally titillating!

There was not an ounce of self-consciousness. This is a perfect example of an Artist at the service to his Craft. ”   read more

- Madame B. NYC (

Eric Bean Jr.